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Endorsement + Promotion

Congratulations! You have been selected to promote for Emperor Apparel. At Emperor Apparel we are extremely strict on maintaining our superior reputation and stature within the marketplace and we ask that you as a brand representative market and endorse our products in a respectful and reverent manner. 

How does promoting for Emperor Apparel work? 
Unlike other labels we don't just give out free product in return for a social media post and a mention. Instead we pay you to promote for us. You will receive your own unique web link that leads to our online store ( that you can post on your various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). When a customer or person clicks on your unique link and makes a purchase from our online store you will receive a 25% commission of the sale. 

There is no maximum amount that you can use or post the link. It can be used and posted on as many social platforms as you like as many times as you like leaving you in control of how much commission you can potentially earn. The more you post, the more chance you have of making a sale. As an incentive you will also receive your own unique discount code that you can give to your followers to use as an incentive for them to purchase using your unique link. The discount code can be used on all products within the collection at any time. 

How does my commission get paid? 
Our payment system requires you to have PayPal. Your commission will be paid weekly on Friday directly to your desired PayPal account. 

How do I monitor my progress? 
We will send you weekly updates on your progress so you can gauge and monitor your sales and commission and develop strategies to improve your marketing and promotional campaigns to suit your social media following. We are here to help you and provide you with any advice and help you need in order to improve your promotions and endorsements. 

Will you provide me with products for my promotional material? 
For your first few posts we would like you to use our promotional material and photography. Once you start making sales from our promotional material we will provide you with complimentary products that you can photograph yourself in and utilise in your social media posts. For your first few posts we will provide you with a small promotion kit with a range of images that you can select from to post and write about on your social media platforms. 

Like what you hear? 
If so, email us back on and we will get things in motion for you. 

We look forward to having you on board and would like to thank you for your contribution to the growth of our label. Your participation and involvement is extremely valuable and we appreciate your dedication to the expansion of Emperor Apparel. 

Kind Regards, 

- EA Team