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Emperor Apparel is guided by three key principles:

  • Ensure superior quality is maintained in every product
  • Strict attention to detail on the cut and fit of our products
  • To remain unique, innovative and one step ahead 

The Fit: 
Unlike a large majority of brands on the market, everything we do is completely custom. Our t-shirt templates and silhouettes are created from scratch and are 100% unique to Emperor Apparel. Throughout the design process every measurement and dimension is heavily scrutinised to ensure the fit and cut of every product is perfect.  

Materials & Fabrics:
All materials and fabrics used on Emperor Apparel products are woven from scratch. We do not purchase pre-made fabric blends from open markets. Our product design process begins with sourcing the highest quality yarn. Once the yarn has been sourced and tested to ensure it meets our superior quality standards it is then woven together to create our famous custom blend .

We work closely with our manufacturing team to ensure the production process is completed in an efficient and ethical manner. Our production team visit our factories and conduct strict audits throughout the production process to ensure quality is maintained in every product. As a result of our close relationship with our manufacturing team our manufacturing process is efficient and systematic which allows us to keep our pricing consistent and competitive.  

Want to know more? Read the story of how Emperor Apparel got started from our director Zane Marshall.

My story starts here…
I have always been a fashion fanatic and obsessed with the latest streetwear trends and movements. I have also always found it hard to find clothes that I actually like enough to spend my money on and garments that actually fit me properly. I would alter everything I bought from stores because I was never happy with the way things fitted and found myself bored with standard box cut t-shirts that flooded every retailer. Quality was hard to come by and I was sick of paying top dollar for t-shirts that would shrink, change shape and deteriorate after a few washes.

A lot of the brands I loved and followed would release extremely limited collections which was frustrating because they were either not available in Australia at all or completely sold out before I could get my hands on them.

I headed to Europe in July 2013 on a mid-year holiday to escape the cold, rainy weather of Melbourne for a mix of sunshine, relaxation and shopping. With me, I took a list of all of the popular streetwear stores I wanted to check out in Paris, Italy and London to track down the garments that I’d always wanted but could never find in Australia. I hit the stores and went mad bulk buying t-shirts and clothing items I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back home and it was here that I came to the realisation that maybe this was the perfect time to follow my passion and start my own label.

I had always wanted to start my own clothing label where I could design clothing with my own touch. I was frustrated with the small and limited range available and the lengths I was forced to go to to buy clothes that I actually liked. If I felt like this, surely others out there feeling my pain.  This was my chance to create something new and innovative and bring it to Australia. I saw an opportunity to build not only a clothing brand, but a movement. One for unique individuals who shared my vision and passion for innovative streetwear and those ready to stand out from the crowd.

Back home in Melbourne.
I arrived back home to Melbourne and got slapped in the face with the cold wind as I walked out of the terminal at Tullamarine airport. Typical Melbourne although this time coming home from a great holiday didn’t have the same dull feeling. I felt excited and motivated.

From the moment I got home I was working my day job and after work I would spend another 6 - 8 hours per night working on and refining designs for t-shirts and caps. I was cutting and sewing my own templates and would change and alter the templates until they were exactly what I wanted and ready to be manufactured. I am a complete perfectionist so this process was a painful and lengthy one.

Long story short.
After flicking through countless amounts of fabric sample booklets, creating samples, testing the durability of different fabrics and materials I finally found a manufacturer that was reliable and could produce garments up to my high quality standard and expectation. I produced the first limited Emperor Apparel collection and released it in Feb 2014 purely online.  

By April, the whole collection had sold out and I had pre-order requests from customers who had missed out on their sizes. I re-produced the first range and it sold out again in June. I was incredibly overwhelmed by the positive response and the way people were embracing my products. I take great pride in my designs and I place extreme significance on the cut, fit and quality of the products and to have my customers complimenting me on these attributes was extremely rewarding.

In July 2014 I quit my job to pursue Emperor Apparel full time. Working two full time jobs was taking it’s toll on me and I wanted to focus on EA full time and give it everything I had. I am now lucky enough to have a small team of people working for Emperor Apparel that share and understand my vision. I am a perfectionist and will continue to provide my customers and retailers with superior quality, innovative and cutting edge clothing garments. Quality will never be sacrificed for quantity. We will remain unique, innovative, advanced and constantly endeavour to bring you clothing garments that are on point and ahead of the current market trends.

To all of the people who have supported us so far, I would like to personally thank you all. Without our #emperorarmy, retailers and customers we wouldn’t be here today and Emperor Apparel would have never taken off like it has. I am looking forward to a successful and positive future and look forward to building and expanding the Emperor Apparel movement.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey!

Zane Marshall
Emperor Apparel


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