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I’ve been really anxious to release this range ever since it was first designed. It is one of my favourite ranges to date. The new styles are really innovative with bold detailing but they are also clean and minimalistic at the same time. The perfect balance. A lot of brands are slapping a load of crazy detailing on their products and calling them bold and it isn’t bold it’s just tacky. It is important to keep the detailing balanced and seamless. We want to maintain our premium edge and continue to create superior products with just the right amount of embellishment.

The products in the Liberte’ collection are made and manufactured with our custom fabric blend with the same fit and template as the previous collections. The fit is what we are known for and a product characteristic that our customers value the most. It is important for us to keep the fit consistent with our previous releases so our customers can confidently order our products and know they’re getting the same dope fit.

We have kept the colourways monochromatic on this collection again with a touch of camo added to some of the pieces. Black, white, acid wash and grey compliment all types of outfits and make the t-shirts extremely versatile. We know a lot of our customers wear our products out to clubs, shows and important events so our products have to have an elegant edge with high quality fabrics and detailing. We want the EA army to feel confident in the products and the colourways in this collection will make any outfit pop. There is a product in this range for every occasion.

We have also reintroduced caps to the collection (this I am very excited about!). Those who have followed us from the start will know that Emperor Apparel began with a cap range and two t-shirt styles. I’ve been wanting to produce caps again for quite some time but we have been extremely busy keeping up with the demand of the t-shirts, denim and pants which has made it hard to focus on the caps. I refuse to release anything that I’m not proud of or isn’t up to standard so I wanted to zone in and design a cap collection that aligned well with our current collections and only release it when I was 100% happy with the end product.

We’re all extremely proud of this range and it has been so great to receive all of the positive feedback on the new styles.

If you haven’t seen the new range yet click here to view the latest styles. If you’re in need of a wardrobe update, we’ve got you covered!

Zane Marshall 
Emperor Apparel


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