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The new Spring collection was all about going back to where we started. Bold detailing, experimenting with new fabric blends, patterns, contrast panelling and branded taping. All of the fabric used on EA products is custom weave. We do not source fabric from open markets, it is all woven from scratch so we achieve the superior quality soft touch fabric blend we are known for.



On this collection we introduced a brand new premium suede fabric blend on the Luxe Suede T-Shirt which has been one of the most popular t-shirts styles we’ve released to date. Most of the collection is chic monochromatic colourways but we have introduced a new maroon suede colourway into the season palette which has been a heavily sought after style both online and throughout retailers.

We wanted to go for a Royal theme this season which led to us incorporating suede and venetian contrast paneling into some of the designs with a touch of rose gold detailing to give the products an extra punch. The demand for designer wear has increased significantly due to the hip hop industry and we find as a result a lot of our customers not only expect premium quality but they want products with rich detailing and unique design elements that stand out. 


The Venetian T-Shirt worn above by UK reality TV star Chet Sket and fitness athlete Daniel Kairouz


The Gio long sleeve t-shirt worn by models Brandon Porter and Quest Hawk (above) is a clean and minimalistic design with a scoop hemline, subtle woven branding label on the hemline with the Gio print on the chest. We understand that not all of our customers like loud designs so we wanted to release a design that was minimalistic with just the right amount of premium detailing.

The fit is the same as our previous long sleeve tees with a fitted body and template, slightly elongated body length and fitted sleeves. Available in Black and charcoal grey colour ways. 

The Gio long sleeve t-shirt and the Baseball t-shirt were designed with a contemporary urban theme in mind. The Gio chest print has been very popular on previous t-shirt designs so we incorporated it into the Baseball t-shirt where it merged perfectly with the contrast neck and sleeve cuffs. We have not altered the fit on any of the silhouettes. The fit and template is the same as previous scoop t-shirts.

The aim of every Emperor Apparel collection is to consistently provide ranges that are innovative and leaps ahead of the current market trends. We want to create awe inspiring designs with premium detailing all while maintaining superior quality in every garment. 

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